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The upcoming El Niño winter could get dangerously chilly across many parts of North America, which means — if you find yourself trapped in one of the spots expected to experience sub-zero temps with lots of ice and snow — you’re going to want a constant source of warmth. Warmth is difficult to sustain in extreme conditions, but UZE has taken the challenge of designing a jacket that might just be able to withstand what could become a mix of the most unrelentingly wet and debilitatingly cold weather seen across the continent in recent years.

UZE, the creator of the graphene-based BOLD 1, the world’s first 265W power bank, is back with a modular heated jacket that takes its graphene tech to a new height of utility and fashion. The UZE Heated Jacket stands out against other, similar jackets, leveraging its bespoke built-in graphene padding tech and customizable warmth settings at the touch of a button. It’s also breathable; once you open up its underarm zippers and detach the hood, you can wear the UZE Heated Jacket in spring or even in summer months, meaning this could be the only jacket you need for the entire year.

Designer: Carolina Gutierrez

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One Jacket, Countless Options – Thanks to the precision engineering of its modular design, you get more than a jacket – you get an ally for every occasion.

The most important part of the UZE Heated Jacket is its adaptability across all four seasons. The jacket’s biggest draw comes from its heating system, which is made up of the UZE power bank, a conveniently located button on the front right, and four of UZE’s innovative graphene heat pads which exert warmth evenly throughout the entire jacket. Two are located under the bottom front pockets to keep your hands warm, and the other two are hidden next to your shoulders, meaning your entire body gets cozy when the jacket’s heating system is powered on.

The UZE power bank is stored in a dedicated pocket, can be taken out to be charged and put back in without any hassle. The bank provides power to the jacket’s heating system, and you can charge it in 45 minutes — a big difference from other power banks, which usually take 8 full hours to completely recharge. That means you can stay comfier much longer, and you won’t wait too long without supplemental body heat between charges. The UZE Heated Jacket’s fast-charging power bank sits comfortably within an enclosed pocket, taking up little space while ensuring that you won’t run out of heat during the winter. The jacket’s advanced modular design includes a lot of other strategically placed pockets as well, making it the best place to store all of your everyday carry items (phone, wallet, keys) instead of stashing those in your pants pockets.

Look Cool, Feel Hot – Four Graphene heat zones and three heat settings (120°F, 140°F, 160°F) ensure you stay warm in any weather.

UZE Heated Jacket’s front button lets you choose exactly how much heat you need in any circumstance, cycling between three different settings (plus powered-off mode, which is technically a setting if you consider it one), ranging between Mild (120°F) and Intense (160°F) — ensuring you can forge your way out into all that snow, ice, and darkness without the extreme discomfort generally associated with braving those freezing cold conditions. This jacket could especially make shoveling snow or de-icing roads a lot safer, and by extension, more tenable in extreme conditions. That means it could lessen the collateral damage caused by winter storms.

Charge 10x Faster, Instant Warmth – The UZE Power Bank keeps you warm for up to 10 hours and charges 10x faster than typical heated jacket power banks (45 minutes vs. 8 hours).

But, as I mentioned earlier, the UZE Heated Jacket is adaptable to far more situations than snow and ice. It’s made for all types of inclement weather, and — whether you’re an adventurer looking for an adaptable and durable windbreaker, or an urban explorer who just wants a fashionable jacket which stays warm and dry in rainy conditions — this is the one you want. Not to mention, its smart design makes it an attractive jacket to keep in your wardrobe throughout the year. It sports adjustable cuffs, fingerless gloves, a detachable hood with a wireframe rim that holds its shape in windy weather, and a removable faux-fur lining, making it the most reliable and customizable apparel you can own when tackling many different adverse weather conditions. Even when things warm up in spring, you can continue wearing this jacket without worrying about overheating, and thanks to its modularity. Simply remove the power bank, inner liner, hood and snow-skirt, and you’re left with a cozy, stylish, and minimal-looking jacket that even looks great over tank tops and other summer wear.

No More Raining on Your Parade – The fabric’s membranes are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but larger than water vapor molecules, achieving superior breathability.

If you’re worried water can somehow get into the jacket’s interior and interfere with the UZE power bank, don’t be. The entire jacket is made of UZEShield fabric, which is fundamentally wind-proof, and — yes — waterproof. And, there’s even some science to back that claim: UZEShield fabric is woven out of membranes 20,000 times smaller than a single drop of water, meaning you can rest assured it’ll keep any moisture out of the jacket’s interior, where your power bank is nestled.

Everything In Its Place, Always Within Reach – Instant access, all within reach. Bank card, key card or ski pass. Bid farewell to fiddly pockets.

Combined with its water-repellent zippers and foldable rain hem, you can trust it to remain dry when exposed to extreme quantities of water — even if you bring it with you on a river kayaking expedition. Additionally, you can rapidly close it shut with the magnetic buttons — convenience redefined.

One Jacket, Countless Options – Thanks to the precision engineering of its modular design, you get more than a jacket – you get an ally for every occasion.

The UZE Heated Jacket is available on Kickstarter at $279 and a 53% discount vs retail price for a limited time only.

Click Here to Buy Now: $279 $599 (53% off). Hurry, only 10/85 left!

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