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Imagine taking your Ford Fiesta and putting a V12 engine under the hood… that’s what the Co Print ChromaSet does for your regular consumer-grade 3D printer. Designed as a highly-advanced system that beefs up your single-filament printer, the ChromaSet features a multi-filament hot-end that replaces the one on your existing printer, along with extruder blocks that feed as many as 8 different filaments into your existing printer. A separate ChromaPad tablet manages the printer, acting as the brains behind it all, turning your $400 printer from 2 years back into a multi-color 3D printing wizard. The Co Print ChromaSet comes with universal compatibility that allows it to attach to a variety of printer brands, and that ChromaPad tablet lets you individually manage as many as 8 printers together through one dashboard. We’ve literally never seen something this incredible.

Designer: Huseyin Ozen of Co Print

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $489 ($140 off). Hurry, limited quantities! Raised over $240,000.

Using the literal words of the folks at Co Print, “ChromaSet brings color, speed, and ease of control to your existing 3D printer setup.” It supercharges your current printer by adding mods and upgrades to it, optimizing its performance, improving its output, and allowing you to manage your new multi-filament printer with even more ease than before. The system all boils down to 6 different modules that attach right onto any existing 3D printer, working with different mechanical systems including linear, shaft + bearing, and sigma profile-style printers. Once set up, printing happens smoother than before. The printer automatically manages and switches between filaments, while the tab lets you monitor and control multiple printers working in tandem. There’s no need for calibration, changing filaments in between prints, or even waiting hours to complete jobs. ChromaSet’s entire system hyper-optimizes operations with 300mm/s speeds that help cut down print times in almost half.

ChromaPad – Excels in color, material, speed, and control, unlocking limitless potential.

Fastest Multi-color Printing Experience – ChromaPad pushes the usual boundaries of 3D printing speed for both single and multi-filament projects. Accelerate your print up to 300+ mm/s and get your project in hand three times faster.

ChromaScreen Advanced Klipper Software – Comes with features like the ability to control multiple extruders, a helpful setup wizard, and the ability to manage multiple printers at once.

Manage Multiple Printers Effortlessly – ChromaPad allows you to control up to 8 printers in a single simple panel.

The 6 different modules have very specific roles, starting with the ChromaPad which becomes the ultimate hub for all your printing needs. With a 7-inch touchscreen on the outside and a powerful AmlogicS905X3 processor on the inside, the ChromaPad is the buffer between you and the 3D printer, using a special ChromaScreen software (based on Klipper Screen) that gives you the ability to control multiple extruders, to manage multiple printers at once, and a helpful setup wizard that allows you to effectively things up by upgrading your old printer.

ChromaHead – Designed to match your needs on multi-filament 3D printing. When combined with ChromaPad or KCM, it minimizes all the issues that can occur such as jamming and clogging.

Filament Cutter for High Quality Prints – Powered by a robust servo motor with up to 20 kg of force and supported by a durable Japanese blade, ChromaHead’s precise filament cutting mechanism achieves a success rate of 99.9% in clean cuts.

Universal Rail Plug System – The design allows you to match with different brands and different models, and solves the compatibility issues.

Supports all the Materials you Need – Different colors, different materials. Your creative journey knows no bounds.

The ChromaSet can practically attach onto any existing 3D printer, augmenting its abilities. Its design is a result of a partnership between Co Print and companies like Creality, Phaetus, LDO Motors, and other popular 3D printer makers and suppliers, which means the ChromaSet works with all popular printers, attaching on in just minutes. The process starts with mounting the ChromaHead, which contains the hot-end and nozzle, along with a filament management system that helps efficiently switch between filaments mid-print. The ChromaHead is a unique-looking device, with an 8-holed funnel on top that accepts multiple filaments at the same time. Based on the print requirement, it effectively alternates between filaments, heating them to the right temperature before dispensing them through the nozzle onto the print-plate. But how does it know which filament to take next? Well, the CX-1 Extruder takes care of that. Sitting on top of the printer, this extruder manually feeds the right filament into the hot-end. Layer as many as 8 of them side by side and they work in tandem like ink cartridges in a regular printer, delivering the right filament at exactly the right time. This potentially allows you to print an entire multi-material product in one single job, printing TPU, PLA, ABS, and PETG at the same time.

KCM (Klipper Chroma Module) – For users who already have a Klipper-based 3D printer. KCM gives you all the great features of ChromaPad right out of the box, so you don’t need to buy ChromaPad separately.

ECM (Extended Chroma Module) – Designed to increase your extruder limits. ECM allows you to add up additional 4 extruders into a single output via USB.

The results look nothing like what you’d get from a starting or mid-range printer. The ChromaSet’s output feels undeniably premium, with the kind of materials and colors that one could expect from a printer costing four figures in the least. Moreover, a single ChromaPad can control multiple printers at once, allowing you to revamp that old printer from 5 years ago lying in your garage, bringing it up to speed with your new printer. If your printer is Klipper-based, you don’t even need the pad to control it – the Klipper Chroma Module (or KCM) lets you turn it into a multi-filament machine without the pad, and if you REALLY want to push your printer’s multi-filament chops to the limits, the ECM or Extended Chroma Module allows you to add up additional 4 extruders into a single output via USB, letting you simultaneously print with 20 filaments of different colors and materials.

The results pretty much speak for themselves. Although the video doesn’t document a time comparison, ChromaSet boasts nearly 3x printing speeds without any drop in quality. You don’t need to calibrate the printer or manage filaments manually because the system does it all for you. The ChromaScreen software is entirely open-source, and even if you’re away from your printer (or printers), support for remote devices lets you monitor and even control active print jobs on your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other internet-connected device. The entire ChromaSet starts at a discounted $349 if you opt for the KCM bundle, or $499 for the bundle with the ChromaPad tablet device – both bundles include 4 Extruders, with the ability to add more to your initial pledge. If you ask me, that’s not a bad investment, considering how the minor upgrade turns your basic printer into a high-end industry-grade one!

Click Here to Buy Now: $349 $489 ($140 off). Hurry, limited quantities! Raised over $240,000.

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