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Your smartwatch can tell when you’re tired, when you’re inactive, or even when you’re suffering a panic or heart attack, but there isn’t much it can do to help ameliorate or fix the condition. Most health wearables just measure and detect health stats… not many have the unique distinction of being able to cure health problems. Behold the Kineon MOVE+, a wearable light-therapy device that can reduce inflammation, heal tissues, relieve chronic pain, and accelerate recovery simply by using the power of light. Unlike painkillers that put chemicals in your bloodstream or muscle-relief sprays that are just effective on the surface, the MOVE+ is a non-invasive device that uses a combination of LED and Laser light to help heal muscle and joint pain by working on the surface as well as reaching deep into your tissues to boost recovery. It does so simply by strapping onto the part of your body that’s facing pain or inflammation and using dual light therapy to boost blood flow to the area to help you recover faster and relieve chronic pain.

Designer: Kineon Design Labs

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Light therapy as a method to treat chronic pain has been used for decades now (it was invented back in 1903), although it’s still mostly confined to hospitals and clinics. Not only does the MOVE+ make light therapy more accessible by turning it into a portable, wireless, modular product, but it also makes it doubly effective by relying not just on one type of light, but rather on two different light wavelengths that serve their own individual purposes.

The way the MOVE+ device works is by using a combination of LED and Laser light to go both wide and deep. Visible red light emitted by the LEDs covers a large area on the surface of your skin, stimulating collagen production, improving blood circulation, and reducing inflammation. However, the Laser light works rather differently by penetrating as much as 6mm below the skin’s surface to target deep-seated chronic pain, like osteoarthritis or cartilage damage with pinpointed accuracy to speed up the regeneration of damaged cells.

A lot of props go to the MOVE+’s brilliantly modular design that lets you conveniently use it on any part of your body that’s experiencing pain. Made to be used on your knees, shoulder, elbows, neck, thigh, stomach, or any other part of your body, the MOVE+ comes in a set of three devices that can be operated independently or strapped together to create a larger therapy wearable that can be secured or draped around any part of your body experiencing chronic pain. The MOVE+ device is portable and works wirelessly, allowing you to carry it around and use it anywhere – after work, a game, or an exceptionally grueling workout.

Despite the advanced science and technology behind it, the Move+ is dead-simple to use and convenient to carry around. You can wrap all three modules around your knee, leg, or arm, and simply relax while it does its trick. Or you could place the unbuckled Move+ over your shoulder, on your back, or even around your head, basically on any part of your body that’s hurting or needs repairs. The MOVE+ is also safe to use without needing to consult a medical professional, given that it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require you to ingest any medicines. Simply put it on and use it at the dosage cycle recommended for your condition/injury… and feel free to ditch those ice bags, heat packs, or burning balms!

Click Here to Buy Now: $402.30 $499 (20% off with coupon code “Yanko Holiday”). Hurry, offer ends in 24 hours.

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