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Ever wanted your own personal logo or your restaurant’s logo on the ice you serve with drinks? The Clear Ice Embosser may just be the quickest and most sophisticated way. Designed by the folks at Stamptitude (creators of the original Ice Stamp), the Clear Ice Embosser is a metal receptacle that ‘brands’ your ice with the logo or motif of your choice. Machined from a solid piece of natural, lead-free brass, the Clear Ice Embosser rapidly melts the ice cube and imprints its design onto it. Just the way a branding iron burns a logo into a piece of wood or a stamp embosses a symbol in a piece of leather, the Clear Ice Embosser uses the conductive property of brass to ‘imprint’ a design onto your ice cube. The result? A remarkable cocktail with your own custom ice! Not only does it help create a much more unique and memorable presentation, but it also doubles as free publicity when photos of the drink and the ice cube inevitably go up on social media!

Designer: Stamptitude Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, Less than 72 hours left!

The way the Custom Ice Embosser works is quite simple. Brass is an incredibly good conductor of heat and is often used to help rapidly thaw meats taken out of freezers. Brass is also used in weighted molds to turn blocks of clear ice into perfect spheres… which is why it’s also the perfect material of choice for the Clear Ice Embosser.

The embosser is visually split into 2 distinct parts, the upper embossing plate made from brass, and a lower drip tray that gathers the water that melts. The brass embossing plate is a long element with fins on one end similar to the ones found in computers. On the opposite side of the embossing plate is the melting area with a logo machined into it. Rest your ice cube on the area and the metal artwork melts right into the ice, creating a satisfyingly neat symbol. The entire process takes just a handful of seconds, giving you a customized cube that can absolutely uplift any drink or cocktail.

Starting at just $129, you can get a Clear Ice Embosser with your custom logo of choice. Just share the artwork with the guys at Stamptitude and they’ll machine it onto the brass tray, creating a 3D relief detail that’s up to 5mm thick so that the artwork is clearly visible in the ice no matter how complex or simple the design is. The brass fins on the side can be used to create a striped pattern on your ice too, giving it even more artistic appeal!

The folks at Stamptitude have been making ice stamps and bartending-adjacent gear for over a decade, with brands as big as LVMH (Hennessy), Rémy Martin, Johnnie Walker, Macallan, Dalmore, The Glenlivet, Jack Daniels, and Bacardi, and clients spanning JW Marriott, Bvlgari, Four Seasons, Bellagio, Ritz Carlton, and MGM Grand. The Clear Ice Embosser is the perfect tool to add your own personal touch to your drinks and cocktails, whether you’re a restaurant, club, brewery, or just a hobbyist bartender. Each Clear Ice Embosser is made to order and is machined specifically to your requirements. You can even get your own name, monogram, or branding printed on the base tray for added appeal!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129. Hurry, Less than 72 hours left!

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