abril 25, 2024

In a world where the iPad is easily the dominant tablet PC you can buy, the Edge 2.5D is outgunning it by being bigger, more affordable, and infinitely more versatile. The Edge 2.5D wirelessHD touchscreen portable monitor becomes any display you want it to be… whether you need a wireless or wired secondary touchscreen for your Windows or Mac computer, a larger screen for your smartphone/Nintendo Switch/Steam Deck, or any kind of operating system, like one for your kitchen or even your car. With the ability to take on wired and even wireless connections, this 4K touchscreen monitor quite literally transforms into any sort of display unit, whether for work, entertainment, or just as an information display.

Designer: Sunny Cheung

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Where the Edge 2.5D really flexes its capabilities, however, is in the fact that it works wirelessly too. While most external monitors (even the touch-sensitive or 4K ones) almost always require a USB-C or HDMI input, the Edge 2.5D supports wireless connections using the mmWave WirelessHD protocol. This protocol enables lag-free and lossless transmission over distances as long as 82 feet, while also being able to register touch input for Windows, Android, and even macOS devices. This comes thanks to the fact that the Edge 2.5D ships with a proprietary transmitter that allows you to easily beam content over a range of distances (you can choose between a 17ft and an 82ft transmitter), suitable for whether you’re using the Edge 2.5D as a secondary screen with your laptop or desktop, or just remotely watching TV in bed or even hooking the Edge 2.5D to your phone and using it as a digital dashboard for your car.

EDGE fully supports PC or Mac wireless touchback features.

Barring a camera and an operating system, the Edge 2.5D is as close to being a tablet as possible, but the lack of the latter turns out to be a massive advantage, because your Edge 2.5D can now be ANY tablet you want it to be. You could even use it as a primary display by hooking it to a Mac Mini to turn it into a macOS tablet PC, with touch capabilities no less (the first of its kind!)

At 15.6 inches, the Edge 2.5D is the perfect size for complementing your laptop. It’s large enough to work/code/preview on, and given that it’s significantly bigger than your smartphone, tablet, or Nintendo Switch’s native display, it makes for a sensible upgrade whether you’re playing Genshin Impact or browsing Netflix. Heck, you can even hook it to your living room TV and watch movies in bed. The name Edge 2.5D comes from the fact that this gadget sports an edge-to-edge screen (without any cameras or fingerprint sensors coming in the way) that curves at the edges, giving it a more immersive experience than even the iPad Pro (and justifying the 2.5D suffix to the name). Armed with a 4K IPS touch-sensitive display, the Edge 2.5D easily moonlights as a tablet PC, giving you all the advantages of an external secondary display with the benefits of touch-responsiveness that can simultaneously register up to 10 touch-points at a time, even for Windows and macOS inputs, effectively giving you a touchscreen display for your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Mini.

This is made possible by the fact that the Edge 2.5D also has its own built-in battery. A 10200mAh battery on the inside gives you an approximate 4 hours of wireless usage (you can use it for longer durations wired), and a built-in PD quick charging capacity allows the Edge 2.5D to fast-charge so you’re never left hanging powerless. Meantime it can be your portable device powerhouse by its reversal charging capability. The Edge 2.5D also comes with its own docking and stereo speakers along with 4 USB-C ports (for data, video, and charging), an HDMI port, and even a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Edge 2.5D starts at $399 for the tablet and the 17ft transmitter, or you could pay $459 and get the 82ft transmitter instead. In the box, you’ll also find a power brick, a USB-C cable, and even an HDMI cable so you can use your Edge 2.5D right out of the box. Even more if you like to stream any video source to the TV or projector, there is a TV receiver for add-on. They all in zero latency and lossless video quality. What an amazing bundle they are! Fully cater for portable or home theater omni-usages. Now they are all available on Kickstarter.com and InnLead.shop.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $529 (25% off). Hurry, only 9/50 left!

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