maio 23, 2024

The Tokyo Toilet is an interesting project that launched back in Shibuya, aiming to create 17 different functional installations all over the city. They wanted to turn public toilets into unique facilities and experiences and they involved some of the most renowned architects and designers to take part. There have been some pretty remarkable things launched already including the all-glass see-through ones at the Yoyogi Fukamachi Minipark and Haru no Ogawa Community Park and the octopus or squid-looking one at the Ebisu East Park.

Designer: Tomohito Ushiro

The latest one to be launched for The Tokyo Toilet is located in Hiroo Higashi Park, a space in a residential area in Shibuya. What makes this public restroom interesting is that at night, you get to see a light show on its exterior. In fact, he programmed 7.9 billion different lighting patterns, representing the current estimated population. So this means each person can see different “shows” and they will not see the same pattern at all, representing the fact that we are the same and yet different.

The design of the structure itself looks like the restrooms in public swimming pools with its clean interior fixtures and a combination of white and steel colors for its exteriors. At the back, you see a glass exterior that houses the light panel. The real show begins once it’s dark enough and we start seeing the lighting patterns through its pixelated glow. He was inspired by the nature and greenery that surrounds the park, like the light that filters through the trees or the moon’s reflection at night.

During the day, the public toilet looks like a simple, minimalist restroom. It has two universal toilets inside that have an ostomate-friendly system and a diaper-changing station. Aside from actually using the restroom, the art installation feel at dusk or evening will be the thing that you’d want to see if ever you’re in the area. It will probably look weird for you to stand outside a public toilet but there will probably be other weirdos there with you looking at the light show.

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