maio 23, 2024

Because I spend most of the day seated in front of my computer, I like looking at different designs of desks, tables, and other furniture that will fit my lifestyle. I also like those work areas that are not just for placing my computer on but can also store my work supplies and all the other things that I need for when I’m working. It’s a bonus if that piece of furniture is also compact but a lot of these things do take up some space. That’s why they’ll remain “dream” furniture for me since I have limited space.

Designer: Alena Prokhorova

This Spiky Desk Concept for a work table and also a display table may not be as storage-friendly as some of the ones that we previously covered but it does serve as more than just a place where you put things on top of. It doesn’t really have spikes as the name might suggest but the storage space underneath does have some uniquely shaped structures. They’re more triangles than spikes and they serve as a textured place to place some of your office supplies.

The place under the main surface area is not that huge but can be used to store things like pens, rulers, scissors, and other office supplies, at least in the parts with the triangular-shaped spaces. These spaces are on the left and right sides of the table. In the middle is a flat surface where you can place things like your books, notebooks, documents, or even your laptop when you need to take a break and stop using it.

The main table is of course just a flat surface that can be used as a work table or a display table. If you’re doing the former, it has enough space to fit in your computer and all other documents you may need. If you’re going to use it as a display area, there’s also enough space to put things like books, toys, figurines, etc. It’s also big enough to place things like a tabletop model display. As we mentioned though, this table is pretty big so it won’t fit into small spaces.

The tabletop surface has a wooden finish but the storage underneath seems to have a more industrial finish. There is no information about what material is used so we can only talk about what the finish looks like. If I had space in my place, this concept is something that I can dream of placing there.

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