maio 23, 2024

Biking enthusiasts would know that there are campers you can tow behind your bike. These offer a much cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way to spend a night outside in a picturesque location as compared with electric travel trailers.

Now to present you with a holistic experience, without the towing hassles, SpaceCamper in Germany has come up with an electric bike you can ride, work, sleep, and camp in.

Designer: SpaceCamper

SpaceCamper is well -known for its campervans and nicely blended outdoor leisure activities. The German brand has been outfitting compact liveable spaces with beds, kitchens, and bathrooms for a while now. Alighting a few kilos off a camping trailer, SpaceCamperBike is born as a fuel-efficient micro-RV you can ride out on an extended trip: to work outside of the office and live a night or two in complete solitude in a place of choice.

The SpaceCamperBike is built as a completely sustainable option for off-grid camping and travel requirements. The base of this impactful unit is set on a Riese&Müller Load e-cargo bike and comes with a reclining seat that becomes a bed by night, a mobile workstation, and a soft roof on the top to settle in comfortably for a night halt.

The overnight comfort in the SpaceCamperBike is contentious, but we learn that despite the stowing slots for your work equipment, storage for a portable stove, trap, and water canister is provided onboard.

When you reach your destination, the step-up is effortless. Switch the front-facing riding seat of the SpaceCamperBike into a rear-facing lounger and drop it down to form a bed when you’re done cooking and want to rest. You can choose to set up the tarp for weather protection; pitching the telescoping poles to cover the bike frame like a roof with canvas cover. Or on a summer night, you can prefer to sleep directly under the stars.

The power and performance for a comfortable ride is guaranteed by a 1,000-W dual-battery system paired with 14-speed belt drive of the e-cargo bike. When your enthusiasm wouldn’t settle on the tarmac, the bike camper (if you may) fitted with front and rear suspension, can be fashioned with mountain bike tires and ride through dirt roads to the offsite. There is no word on when the SpaceCamperBike will hit roads or how much it will cost, but we can already see bike enthusiasts lining up funds for this one.

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