abril 25, 2024

It makes securing your bicycle as easy as *snap*!

Locks are useful. They’re also pretty boring. I don’t think I’ve ever come across an actual bicycle lock I’ve liked – they look incredibly archaic and utilitarian, and given the chance, you’d probably hide the lock away in a bag instead of letting it destroy your bicycle’s aesthetic. The Slapstick Smart Bicycle Lock, on the other hand, reinvents the entire bike lock category with its fun, fresh, and fast-deploying design. Inspired by the popular children’s toy, the slap-band, this smart lock literally snaps around your bicycle frame, with a belt-like locking mechanism that adjusts to match the size of your frame and the pole you’re attaching your bicycle to. Affixing the lock is as easy as just snapping it in place and watching the band automatically wrap around your bicycle. The lock’s smart hub helps you secure and remove the Slapstick without needing a key, making the entire process simple, fast, and intuitive!

Designer: Jeongwoo Seo

The way the Slapstick Smart Bicycle Lock works is simple. It snaps in place and secures itself thanks to a metal stub at the bottom that twists to lock the Slapstick. Once locked in place, it opens using the button on top with a built-in fingerprint reader. You can use your smartphone to lock or unlock it too, but there’s an undeniable elegance to just placing your finger on the circular sensor and watching the lock magically open on its own.

Designed in a range of colors, the Slapstick is fun, functional, intuitive, and brings a sense of whimsy and a pop of color to your bicycle. You can lock it around the frame when not in use and it still looks good, unlike other boring-looking locks. It’s designed to be waterproof, and charges using a contact-based charging hub on the side of the lock, accessible behind the textured silicone flap. If ever the battery on the lock dies while your bicycle is fixed to a pole, the Slapstick accepts reverse-wireless-charging through your smartphone too, helping you easily get out of a potential fix!

A view of the metal stub which controls the locking mechanism

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