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What better way to recreate the Cubist painting style than with actual cubes?! This LEGO reinterpretation of Pablo Picasso’s iconic painting trades brushes for bricks and the results are remarkable…

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t familiar with Picasso. His influence can still be seen in painting, sculpture, design, and architecture. In his lifetime, he achieved iconic status as a painter, but his legacy as an artistic pillar solidified after his passing. While opinions on his character are divided, to say the least, there’s no disagreeing that Picasso was a master of his craft, ushering in a movement that disregarded the basic laws of composition, perspective, and classical visual representation. The Portrait of a Woman in a Hat is perhaps one of Picasso’s joyful portraits. Blending simplicity with intricacy, this composition effortlessly captures the essence of the girl, the radiance of daylight, and the uplifting ambiance of the scene. Picasso’s artistic prowess shines through in this masterpiece, incorporating elements of cubism and expressionism that only he could execute with such finesse… that is, until the LEGO brick decided to give it a shot!

Designer: Mecesoo

Created by LEGO user Mecesoo, this brick-based portrait captures the very essence of Picasso’s strokes by using colorful plastic bricks instead. The entire painting set is made from a total of 1070 bricks, with no collisions and no loose bricks. It’s roughly true in size to the original too, making it even more of a brilliant replica.

Mecesoo brilliantly uses a combination of different LEGO bricks to achieve the authenticity the painting deserves, from the lively eyes and eyelashes to the rouge on the cheeks, the colorful hair, and even the outfit, which features the vibrant outdoor hat.

The portrait is also accompanied by a minifigure of Picasso, an easel with his canvas on it, and two iconic Picasso quotes along with the artist’s signature. “When creating a Picasso minifigure, I was inspired by old photographs from his studio,” Mecesoo mentioned. “Of course, there had to be the famous striped shirt and checkered trousers, which I found while browsing through the photos.”

Mecesoo’s fan-made creation currently sits on the LEGO Ideas public leaderboard gathering votes from other LEGO enthusiasts. If it touches the coveted 10,000 vote mark, LEGO’s review team will turn it into a box-set for people to buy.

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