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Designed for all 4 seasons, the UZE Heated Jacket comes with a bunch of modular design elements and features that let you wear it in summers, winters, and even in heavy rains. The all-season jacket is waterproof and breathable, has 8 pockets to store all your belongings, and sports 4 individual graphene heating pads that can be temperature-adjusted to get you through the chilly season.

Tech enthusiasts will be familiar with the UZE brand, known best for their consumer-focused power banks. The company is now leveraging that R&D and channeling it into functional fabrics with their debut fashion gear – the UZE Heated Jacket that relies on slim graphene inserts to heat the garment up and keep you warm. A button lets you toggle through the heat pad’s different temperature settings, while the jacket’s overall modular design features a removable hood, detachable inner liner, hidden fingerless gloves, a snowskirt, and even underarm zippers that let you transition from winter to summer-wear in just a few seconds. The jacket’s adaptable design makes it perfect for all seasons, and its proprietary UZEShield Fabric can withstand 20,000 mm of rain, keeping you bone-dry even in rainstorms.

Designer: Carolina Gutierrez

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $599 ($300 off). Hurry, only 30/50 left!

One Jacket, Countless Options – Thanks to the precision engineering of its modular design, you get more than a jacket – you get an ally for every occasion.

Designed to be worn across the year, the UZE Heated Jacket can easily shapeshift between a slim windbreaker for cooler days or a decked-up double-layered jacket for heavier winters. The underarm zippers enhance your jacket’s overall breathability in spring and summer months, letting you slip on the jacket for outdoor trips, treks, or even wear it as urban wear on your morning commute. Aside from the inner lining, the jacket also sports adjustable cuffs, fingerless gloves, a detachable hood with a wireframe rim that holds its shape in windy weather, and a removable faux-fur for snowy days. Aquaguard Zippers keep your essentials dry and a magnetic flap lets you instantly secure the jacket around you, while a snow skirt avoids snow or gusty winds from entering from the underside, and a pull-out foldable rain-hem lets you sit on the beach or on wet surfaces without getting your pants wet… but the UZE Heated Jacket’s magic lies in its four strategically located graphene heat pads.

Look Cool, Feel Hot – Four Graphene heat zones and three heat settings (120°F, 140°F, 160°F) ensure you stay warm in any weather.

Charge 10x Faster, Instant Warmth – The UZE Power Bank keeps you warm for up to 10 hours and charges 10x faster than typical heated jacket power banks (45 minutes vs. 8 hours).

Activated by the push of a button on your chest, the heat pads help warm you up in extreme weather. Three settings let you toggle between 120°F to 160°F heat levels, while pads located in the lower front and upper back keep your body as well as your hands warm through the chilly weather. The pads are powered by the UZE Power Bank, which conveniently fits into a hidden pocket in the jacket’s chest and can be fully charged in 45 minutes vs the usual 8 hours with standard power banks.

No More Raining on Your Parade – The fabric’s membranes are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but larger than water vapor molecules, achieving superior breathability.

Everything In Its Place, Always Within Reach – Instant access, all within reach. Bank card, key card or ski pass. Bid farewell to fiddly pockets.

Other strategically placed pockets let you carry all your belongings like your phone, wallet, and keys, keeping them either hidden or having them in instant-access areas so you can take them out when you want. All the pockets are secured using UZE’s Aquaguard zippers, along with the jacket’s main zipper which is additionally secured with a magnetic flap. The UZEShield fabric and water-resistant zippers keep any sort of moisture out, withstanding up to 20,000mm of harsh rain.

From Mild to Wild – Adapt with a Zip

Ready for Any Winter Adventure

Hood On or Off

Whether it’s its all-season all-year design, or the fact that it comes in as many as 6 sizes, the UZE Heated Jacket takes universality rather seriously. The jacket’s unisex design suits men and women, and its slick, all-black avatar works as urban-wear, athleisure, or even as camping outdoor-gear. The jacket starts at a 50% discounted $299, which includes all its modular attachments like the detachable inner liner, the removable hood with the fur attachments, the detachable snow-skirt, and even the UZE Power Bank to run your jacket’s heating function as well as charge your phone, earbuds and even laptop on the go!

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $599 ($300 off). Hurry, only 30/50 left!

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