fevereiro 22, 2024

When most of the world was in lockdown and working from home became the normal, the lines between rest and work became more blurred than ever. I would often find myself in bed trying to work but ending up watching k-dramas. Or when I’m supposed to be sleeping, I would still be catching up with work that I missed because I was slacking off. While things seem to be getting back to normal now, there are still lines that are sometimes a bit blurred.

Designer: Teixeira Design Studio for Gantri

Because of these blurred lines, we are seeing products now that are designed to serve dual purposes, whether it’s for productivity and/or relaxation. If you find yourself staying in bed most of the time and you need a lamp that can be both relaxing and also let you work properly, this new collaboration between Gantri and Teixeira Design Studio may be the one you’re looking for. Fold is a 3D-printed lamp that is able to cast its light downwards and upwards so it can serve as a functional lamp and for mood lighting as well.

The Fold Wall Light creates mood lighting because of its upward, diffused glow but since it also has a downward light, you can use it for times when you need to actually work and be productive. You don’t need to turn on/off or adjust anything as the design itself brings the two kinds of light together. It is also space-saving as it can be mounted on the wall or placed on a side table or a small desk. The fact that it can provide both direct light and ambient light means you can save up on having multiple lamps as well.

The lamp also has a minimalist look so it can fit into your room whatever the look you’re going for is. As a desk lamp, it looks a bit bulkier than when placed on the wall although it’s still more space-saving than most other desk lamps. I don’t know if I would really want a lamp that can be both for work and for relaxation as it defeats the purpose or at least the illusion of work-life balance.

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