dezembro 10, 2023

In Stainless Steel

If you’re forgetful like me, you either probably own an AirTag or have thought of buying one. The problem with the AirTag, however, is that it isn’t really designed to be used solo. Apple pretty much expects you to buy an AirTag ‘holder’ with your tracking device so that you can secure it to your keys, bag, or other belongings… and just like with every other Apple product, you can buy your AirTag holder directly from Apple – but there’s always a better, more functional, and more aesthetic alternative. Meet the AirTag Carabiner, an all-metal carabiner clip that also fits your AirTag into its hollow form factor.

Designer: Saegusa Design

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In Brass

Designed to sandwich your Apple AirTag between two layers of CNC-machined Steel, Brass, or Duralumin alloy, this AirTag holder is robust, reliable, and neatly clips onto any of your belongings. I’ve always thought the AirTag’s design was its biggest flaw. It comes with a weirdly thick coin-shaped design that doesn’t fit in wallets (like most card-shaped trackers) or attach to objects (it doesn’t even have a keyring hole). Saegusa Design’s AirTag Carabiner fixes that.

In Duralumin Green

The AirTag Carabiner fits one tracking device and clips onto bags, backpacks, cycles, keys, and other belongings. The all-metal construction makes the carabiner sturdy, offering the kind of reliability you wouldn’t get from those leather or plastic AirTag holders out there. After all, an AirTag isn’t useful if its holder breaks or comes apart, is it?

Unlike standard metal carabiners, these AirTag carabiners are not products of melted metal casting.

Each piece is precision-made from solid metal, meticulously handcrafted to ensure superior durability.

The AirTag Carabiner itself comes meticulously CNC-machined from solid Steel, Brass, or Duralumin (a durable aluminum + copper alloy), letting you choose which metal you want to encase your tracking device in. The Brass version sports the signature golden hue but is significantly heavier than its other counterparts. The Steel, on the other hand,  offers a unique balance between looks and weight, while the Duralumin is the lightest of the lot.

In Duralumin

Each AirTag Carabiner comes made-to-order, with the coordinates of your choice engraved onto one face along with the name of the metal it’s made from, and the words ‘Made in Japan’. While the Steel and Duralumin variants offer a more classic kind of appeal, the Brass version has our heart for its unique golden tint that patinas gradually over time, becoming darker in color as time goes by.

Click Here to Buy Now: $107 $119 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!

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